2. DemographyCompass


The DemographyCompass was adapted to the requirements of the chemical industry for this project by Dr Urs-Peter Ruf of the Technical Advisory Board (TBS) at the German Trade Union Confederation of North Rhine-Westphalia (DGB NRW) in collaboration with the project partners. The original version of the application was developed for the project Employability in the Company (BiB) with the support of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs and the Hans Böckler Foundation.

You can use the TBS NRW DemographyCompass to assess the age structure and qualifications of company employees in just a few minutes or to launch a detailed age structure analysis. A curved line illustrates the age structure within the company. You can launch the forecast function with another click of the mouse.

The graphical analysis enables you to observe in real time the changes that will occur due to the ageing of employees. You can show and hide additional information about categories of employees in the graphical analysis as you wish. You determine yourself how far into the future you want to see. The DemographyCompass enables you to make forecasts about the age structure within the company in annual steps.

You can use a basic version of the DemographyCompass online in your browser. In addition, the freeware for Windows offers an extensive range of options for importing data from Excel and other programs and creating detailed forecasts of the age structure within the company.

Please click here to launch the DemographyCompass.